We move it with Timeliness, Security and Accuracy

Scanwell specializes to arrange anything from office and household goods removals to your personal goods when you travel or relocate. We provide both air or sea freight at your choice,  even for disposal of unwanted articles around the home.

Our goal is to provide every customer with a meaningful, appropriate service while maintaining a level of professional service. Dignity and utmost respect for our customers are the main factors contributing to everyone’s satisfaction.

Our fully trained and uniformed staff are at your disposal to ensure that you get the smoothest and most efficient removal possible. We are fully insured so there is no need for you to risk moving your own expensive furniture and personal effects during the removal. We carry full Insurance liability coverage.

Service for your need:

  • Local and Worldwide Removal Service Storage Solution
  • Home Removal Packaging Service Furniture Removal Service
  • Office Removal Service
  • China Expatriates moving to/ from China
  • Disposing of unwanted articles
  • Student Removal Service
  • Pet Removal Service
  • Museum Removal Service

The more detailed service we can provide:

  • We provide portable “Trans-robes” which are basically transportable wardrobes for hanging and transporting clothes.
  • We use thick padded covers for your precious furniture.
  • We also use carpet mats for added protection.
  • We carry all risk insurance.
  • We will provide a full packing service of required.
  • We can provide storage in a modern, storage warehouse.
  • We speak English, Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese.
  • We can arrange carpet fitting and dismantling of flat pack furniture by qualified tradesmen if required.

Three principles of our removal services:

  • Security principle

This is the utmost important principle of our working. In every link of the articles packaging and transport, security is our top priority. In order to ensure shockproof transport, we need to consider the packaging design to provide safety and eliminate damaging during the various transport stages and other sectors. This requires scientific analysis before packing to conduct  reasonable packaging methods with appropriate materials and reliable structural designs.

  • Truthfulness principle

This is to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the articles with all kinds of information during the procedures of packing materials and packaging operations. It requires avoiding the selection of some material which may pollute surface while selecting inner packaging materials, especially when there is direct contact with the articles. If this is neglected, it can result in surface staining or even chemical changes of the ingredient. Likewise, it is important for avoiding surface wear in the process of packaging operations.

  • Selectivity principle

This involves the selection of the packaging object. After analysis and discussing with our customer, restoration and reinforcement will be conducted to improve conservation and to make it suitable for transportation. Fragile articles need to be stuffed with anti-shock plastic foam. Precious furniture should be reinforced and covered with wrapping film. For articles with special shape, we must customize box per its size for loading.

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