iContainers Launches New Track & Trace Technology

iContainers Launches New Track & Trace Technology

iContainers, the 100% online freight forwarder, has unveiled its latest digital extension to its online platform called Track & Trace which enables shippers to pinpoint the exact location of their cargo 24/7 in real-time.

Track & Trace provides real-time container tracking and status updates via push notifications, thereby providing customers with a more accurate overview of their logistical timeline.

From inland pick-up to arrival at destination, shippers can keep up with their shipment’s status changes at any time, granting them a greater control of their logistics chain from start to end.

Track & Trace works with any shipping carrier, so shippers no longer have to contact corresponding carriers to locate their cargo. That way, they are able to see which carriers can better fulfil their needs as they will have the capacity to review potential delays.

Additionally, via their iContainers account, they can access information such as shipment documentation, contracting rates, booking history, and obtain personalised shipping statistics.

With this, shippers can save time when making future reservations.

The technology behind Track & Trace combines extracted data from iContainers’ own massive data set and integrates that with data from other third-party information providers.

This data is then consolidated, sorted and displayed on a user-friendly interface and fed to shippers via Track & Trace.

However, Track & Trace is just the beginning, as over the coming weeks, iContainers will be rolling out additional tools such as inland tracking, one-click reservations, price alerts and more detailed customs information.

The enhanced Track & Trace feature is the perfect complement to iContainers’ existing online platform.

“Our commitment is to give as much transparency as we can to help shippers make the best decisions for their logistics,” says iContainers co-founder Carlos Hernández.

“With this enhanced version of Track & Trace, we expect to obtain an improved understanding of the shipping status which will help us comprehend which carriers provide better services.

“We’re pursuing the dream to have an index of punctuality like the airlines industry.”