PO & Vendor Management Program

PO & Vendor Management Visibility Service

PO into flows with right time, right people and right place.

Purchase Order (PO) and vendor management are key factors in managing an effective international supply chain and bolstering foreign sourcing strategies. Scanwell provides a SAAS web-based system captures your shipment information from PO creation, PO distribution to Vendors, Vendor order fulfillment, along the origin upstream across the supply chain and on to the destination while processing huge amounts of PO data, even down to the SKU-level.

Regulation the process for your benefit:

This is a 3 in 1 collaborative data system through internet without installing any software and hardware that offers unlimited flexibility in streamlining all sorts of vendors and control of PO; especially for Vendors who do not have Edi and PO receiving capability. Therefore, the system enables to improve communication between buyers and numerous suppliers to enhance overall efficiency and compliance.

With the PO data generated from the buyer, we monitor under One Data system per each PO level distributing to Group A channel of related all Vendors located at different Asian Countries/cities. All vendors can receive and down-load the PO per Vendor Portal, and to input information upon completion of PO in accordance to Order fulfillment compliance in the system for further approval to ship by Buyers. Approved PO to ship per Vendor, is to distribute to as Group B channel of Scanwell group and companies to process the cargo movement status when the PO approaches its shipment window in different origins.

Once a booking is received in our booking system, PO fulfillment and set-compliance is to verify any of the exception and discrepancy automatically and goes into action. Because all milestones are automatically checked and monitored, we can quickly identify all discrepancies and provide immediate corrective measures, which can then be quickly proposed to buyer at first minute to avoid potential losses and delivery delays

The key features of our approach involve:

  • Critical path events logistics/shipping management
  • Vendor management
  • Vendor progress checks
  • Purchase orders linked to bookings
  • Bookings linked to shipments
  • Purchase orders reconciled (at a line level) against the commercial invoice / physical goods
  • Vendor compliance measurement
  • KPI reporting and lead time analysis

The vendor forums include an overview of the supply chain objectives along with an outline of the requirements including:

  • Terms of purchase
  • Order and logistics procedures
  • Vendor KPI reporting
  • Delivery In Full On Time & Accurately (DIFOTA)
  • Purchase order reconciliation of quantity and price
  • Timing and accuracy of commercial documentation

PO functionality includes:

  • Web-hosted technology that allows access to your PO information anywhere in the world
  • Supports purchase order uploads via Excel, CSV, FTP, EDI and XML
  • Vendor management that includes supplier and business partner efficiencies monitoring
  • Purchase order and SKU-level management/visibility
  • Shipment planning, prioritization and decision support
  • Customized alerts and exception triggers
  • Shipment tracking by purchase order number, HBL, container number, style number, voyage date, and more

Customized shipment reports that enable you to:

  • Compare expected ship dates against actual
  • Monitor transit time
  • Control inventory/goods-in-transit
  • Compare delivery dates against expected
  • Centralized Communication through comments emailed directly from Power View PO
  • Online document imaging that saves time and money by providing a central source for all shipment and billing documentation

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