Vietnam exported more than 1 billion pairs of shoes and continued to rank second

Vietnam exported more than 1 billion pairs of shoes and continued to rank second





越南皮革鞋类及箱包协会(Lefaso)副主席叶成杰(Diệp Thành Kiệt)告知,据2017年世界制鞋杂志最新统计,鞋类出口大国前十名中,越南继续占据第二位,出口量达10.2亿双,相当于全球鞋类供应量的7.4%。


















Vietnam exported more than 1 billion pairs of shoes and continued to rank second

Source: Vietnamese Chinese Chamber of Commerce Ho Chi Minh City Branch Secretariat

Diệp Thành Kiệt, vice chairman of Vietnam’s Leather Footwear and Bags Association (Lefaso), informed that the top 10 footwear exporters among the top 10 footwear exporters in the world, according to the latest World Footwear magazine 2017, continue to hold the second place with an export volume of 10.2 Billion pairs, equivalent to 7.4% of the global footwear supply.

China continued to rank first with 9.31 billion pairs of exports, accounting for 67.3% of the 23 billion pairs of world sales in 2017.

Asia continues to be recorded as the region with the highest production and sales of footwear in the world.

The United States is the largest importer of footwear, imports of about 2.34 billion pairs, accounting for 19.6% of global footwear sales.

In addition, Vietnam’s backpacks, luggage exports continue to rise to the world’s top five.

In 2017, Vietnam’s export of backpacks and bags amounted to about 3.3 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 5.5% of the global production, but only equivalent to one-seventh of China’s total supply.

According to Mr. Ye Cheng-jie, the biggest challenge currently facing the domestic footwear and luggage manufacturing industries in Vietnam is that management of production technology is lower than that of enterprises in Asia and foreign direct investment (FDI) enterprises. The labor productivity of local enterprises in Vietnam is only 60-70% of that of foreign direct investment (FDI) enterprises. Most have failed to enter the global supply chain, Vietnam’s labor costs are getting higher and higher. Currently, however, ordering firms and international brands are increasingly lean toward global monitoring of supply chains.

Not only the value of orders, sources of raw materials, ordering firms also gradually in-depth interference in the source of raw materials and machinery manufacturing plant supply tracking.

At the same time, to ensure that the supply of goods, product confidentiality, science and technology application level, the advantages of raw material supply and other factors is also the order of choice in ordering, processing and manufacturing process the most important issues