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General Air Import/Export

Scanwell Logistics possesses a rich history in the international air freight industry since 1981. We understand that transporting goods by air can be costly and troublesome, which is why we reassure that major airlines will help our customers to move valuable cargo from their factory doors to the requested destinations. Depending on the urgency of your air shipment, we also provide premier and deferred service options at different costs and transit times.

If you are considering shipping by air, whether it is a small or large package, you can count on Scanwell Logistics to provide you with multiple service options, reasonable costs and complete visibility from door to door.


Scanwell Logistics Vietnam offers you best service with competitive price and we also have logistics promotions.

We offer a special present to first-time customers, a valuable gift voucher.

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Scanwell has been providing professional logistics services to our clienteles globally, marking 2016 our 35th year in this industry. Throughout 35 years, we have gradually came to notice that many companies do not understand how to resolve complicated logistics issues, or properly plan their logistics routing.

Scanwell also feels that SME / Startup business are often neglected by common freight forwarders due to their volumes and they do not get the attention or assistance they need. In addition, one small mistake due to improper planning and lack of information can be extremely costly.

With the SL Smart Trade Solutions Program’s network, expertise and human resources from Scanwell, logistic moves will run more efficiently, have a lower risk management and be more profitable.